Body Synergy Physical Therapy has always utilized a holistic approach to analyzing human motion and addressing movement dysfunction based on the principles of Applied Functional Science. And now we are pleased to introduce this method in a golf-specific system, in affiliation with Nike Golf, powered by the Gray Institute.


The NG360 Functional Performance System is designed as a partnership between your NG360 Performance Specialist here at Body Synergy, your golf professional, and YOU. We will work together to identify factors within your body that may inhibit you from your optimal golf swing. As licensed physical therapists, we can provide post-surgical rehabilitation or address acute injuries, while integrating the golf performance system in order to facilitate a faster and safer return to the golf course.

A Course of Action

Assess the function of the human body
Through comprehensive movement analysis of your body, we will discover the movement restrictions or strength limitations that can contribute to faulty mechanics, thus creating excess strain to other areas.

Treat movement limitations
After analysis, we address isolated joint and/or muscle restrictions through various hands-on techniques such as soft tissue release or joint mobilizations, followed by neuromuscular reintegration of the restored movement into the golf swing.

Implement golf-specific training
The NG360 Golf Performance System does not end at resolving pain or correcting movement restrictions. Traditional strength training involves isolated, single joint motion…motion that has nothing to do with golf. Strength exercises that incorporate movements authentic to the golf swing not only address weakness, but prepares the body to move in proper sequence.

Enhance your golf performance
Power and endurance exercises are integrated into the regimen to facilitate longer drives & promote efficiency within your body to allow you to play with as much vigor as you started with at the first tee, up to the last.


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"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." Chinese Proverb

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