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Physical Therapy

Body Synergy uses only direct, one-on-one methods with our patients, allowing us to give them our undivided attention. Our highly skilled staff is dedicated to professional development & clinical excellence, with experience in the following:

➢ Acute sprains and strains     ➢ Neurological conditions including:
➢ Rehabilitation of sports and work injuries       • Parkinson’s Disease
➢ Repetitive strain disorders       • Multiple Sclerosis
➢ Spinal and Extremity pain       • Stroke rehabilitation
➢ Pre-and post-surgical rehabilitation     ➢ Fibromyalgia
➢ Vestibular/balance rehabilitation     ➢ Pre- and post-natal exercise
➢ Pelvic floor muscle weakness


Manual Therapy

Muscle tissue, ligaments, joints & nerves require good circulation & movement within the body to allow one to function optimally. Chronic tension, impingement & scar tissue can limit proper range of motion and can create stress to other areas of the body. Therapists at Body Synergy utilize various manual therapy techniques to enhance overall circulation, improve connective tissue pliability, mobilize scar tissue, and facilitate better muscle & joint proprioception. Specific techniques include, but not limited to:

      ➢ Deep soft tissue release
      ➢ Myofascial release
      ➢ Scar tissue mobilization
      ➢ Joint mobilization
      ➢ Static & dynamic stretching
      ➢ Active Release Techniques®
      ➢ Functional Manual Reaction: a hands-on technique that not only assesses movement restrictions at a given joint, but can also facilitate the proper bone sequencing at that joint, which is essential in attaining efficient and effective motion to the overall task.

Functional Exercise

Instead of fitting one’s body to a protocol of exercise, we follow the principles of Applied Functional Science and facilitate the proper reaction & movement the body was meant to perform. Our therapists create customized exercises for the patient based upon the actual activity or skill that they are trying to attain, rather than training their body to do a movement that is unrelated to their therapy goals.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized area of physical therapy that addresses symptoms of dizziness and disequilibrium (imbalance). The vestibular system is comprised of small structures deep within the ear canal which help your body sense its position relative to gravity. The inner ear constantly communicates this information to your brain for processing. The brain then tells your muscles how to adjust to maintain balance. Problems at any step of the communication process can lead to a loss of stability during daily activities.


Body Synergy has incorporated Physical Therapy and The Pilates Method to form a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, improving and changing the body's postural and alignment habits and increasing flexibility and ease of movement.


Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotic prescription involves a comprehensive biomechanical analysis that looks at lower extremity structure and alignment during BOTH static position and dynamic function. The devices are designed to not only correct foot alignment, but more importantly, create the proper muscular reaction through the rest of the body. As a result, walking becomes more efficient, balance is improved, and stress is reduced to overly-strained areas.

Whole body vibration plate

Preliminary studies show that exercises done on a Whole Body Vibe Plate resulted in increased muscle recruitment as compared to the same exercises not performed on the plate, suggesting greater strength gains. Combining appropriate functional exercises with whole body vibration may offer greater, faster results and improved performance.


While we focus primarily on a more hands-on approach, we do employ standard modalities to assist in healing:
• DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator) - deep tissue massage tool
• Electro-stimulation
• Ultrasound and Phonophoresis


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"The magic is not in the medicine, but in the patient's body - in the vis medicatrix naturae, the regenerative or self-corrective energy of nature. What treatment does is to stimulate natural functions or remove what hinders them." CS Lewis, Miracles, 1940

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